Gravity feed slicers and automatic slicers

Gravity feed slicer – TWS220

Gravity feed slicer. Blade diameter mm.220. Properly designed for internal furnishings, model TWS 220mm is suitable for a domestic use and for small shops.

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Gravity feed slicer, inclination 25°. Blade diameter mm.220.

Totally manufactured with anodized aluminium parts.

Belt drive with ventilated motor. Integrated sharpener it’s is easy to use and allows a correct sharpening.  Provided with forged and hardened blades. Equipped with fixed ring blade guard that guarantee more security. Suitable for small shops and for family use.

Mod. TWS220
Blade ø mm 220
Blade turns/1′ n° 290
Motor V.220 single phase kw 0,130
Motor V.220/380-400 three phase kw 0,180
Carriage movement mm 240
Thickness adjuster mm 13
Cut’s capacity ø mm 155

mm 155×185

Net weight kg 14,5
Ref. Description TWS220 Technical Drawing
A Feet distance 410  350g
B Footprint cut 480
C Max. distance beginning/end movement 610
D Feet distance 320
E Max. width distance 445
F Height 380
G Max. height distance 390
H Table length 195
I Table width 190
Height mm 540
Width mm 630
Depth mm 500
Net weight kg 14,5
Gross weight kg 17,5
Volume m3  0,17