Gravity feed slicers and automatic slicers

Gravity feed slicer – 330GI

Gravity feed slicer. Blade diameter 330 mm. Gear transmission.

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Gravity feed slicer.
Blade diameter 330 mm.
It has a large base and it is the ideal machine for shops, restaurants and supermarkets.
Mod. 330GI has the transmission gear, the top in terms of reliability! Very resistant it permits to cut also the hardest products.

Mod. 330GI
Blade ø mm 330
Blade turns/1′ n° 220
Motor V.220 single phase kw 0,300
Motor V.220/380-400 three phase kw 0,330
Carriage movement mm 290
Thickness adjuster mm 14
Cut’s capacity ø mm 230
mm 230X255
Net weight kg 38

Ref. Description 330GI Technical drawing
A Feet distance 550  350g
B Footprint cut 600
C Max. distance beginning/end movement 680
D Feet distance 385
E Max. width distance 560
F Height 530
G Max. height distance 610
H Table length 250
I Table width 290
Height mm 520
Width mm 710
Depth mm 610
Net Weight kg 38
Gross Weight kg 41
Volume m3  0,222