Flywheel Slicer

Flywheel Slicer – 370/81

Automatic Flywheel Slicer. Blade Diameter 370 mm. Designed to cut all kind of cold cuts and particularly for “prosciutto”.

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Automatic Flywheel Slicer

Blade Diameter 370 mm.

The flywheel slicer 370/81  has been designed to cut all kind of cold cuts and particularly for “prosciutto”.

The automatic slicer 370/81 can be utilized in 2 different ways: electrical movement of the blade and manual movement of the carriage by the flywheel; fully automatic movement of the blade and of the carriage by fitting the clutch device.
The version ‘FULL OPTIONALS’ has the following devices: knife remover; meat table extension; last slice device; electronical slice counter device.
The devices fitted on the slicer cannot be supplied separately because the machine must be arranged directly during the production for their correct use.

Mod. 370/81
Blade ø mm 370
Motor V.220 single phase Kw 0,400
Motor V.220/380-400 three phase Kw 0,400
Carriage movement mm 310
Thickness adjuster mm 0-2
Cut’s capacity ø mm 245

mm 245×330

Slices/1′ 42
Net weight kg 98

Ref. Description 370/81 Technical drawing
A Feet distance 630  DIM 370-81
B Footprint cut 680
C Max. distance beginning/end movement 910
D Feet distance 565
E Max. width distance 800
F Height 590
G Max. height distance 720
H Table length 290
I Table width 380
Height mm 880
Width mm 950
Depth mm 950
Net Weight kg 98
Gross Weight kg 108
Volume m3 0.794